Origin of our name - 1792 Capital:

The New York Stock Exchange traces its origins to the Buttonwood Agreement signed by 24 stockbrokers on May 17, 1792. It set rules for how stocks could be traded, and aimed to promote public confidence in the markets and ensure that deals were conducted between trusted parties.

Confidence and trust are the cornerstones of 1792 Capital of Wells Fargo Advisors and our team works every day to fulfill the trust our clients place with us. We help create comprehensive planning strategies to help our clients live the life they choose and pursue their most important goals. Learn More


Simplifying the complex

Our goal is to take the success that you have achieved and create strategies to extend that success forward, so you and your family benefit. Learn More


Collaborative planning

Our planning process is a collaboration with you. We ask about your short and long-term goals then we build a structure and strategies to allow that to happen. Since planning is an ongoing process we make adjustments as your needs change. Learn More

Building and Protecting Your Family Legacy

We take a comprehensive approach and tailor each strategy to your specific goals and risk profile. Your plan will cover the four cornerstones of wealth planning including, investments, asset protection, liability management and legacy and estate planning strategies.  Learn More

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