00:05 - 00:13    My name is Connie Garcia Certified Financial Planner, Financial Consultant, with the Garcia Wealth Management Group at Wells Fargo Advisors.

00:08 - 00:14   

00:15 - 00:15    Welcome to my house!

00:25 - 00:28    A couple of years ago, I heard this great analogy…

00:29 - 00:36    You know they say, “the best ideas are the stolen ones”…so, I’m basically going to steal this idea cause’ it just works so well.

00:38 - 00:41    This analogy works perfectly for financial planning.

00:43 - 00:54    Imagine you open up your garage, and there’s just stuff everywhere…right?          There’s just boxes, there’s old furniture, there’s pool stuff…

00:55 - 01:04    For most of us, it’s overwhelming…I’m too busy, but some day I’m going to get to this garage and I’m going to organize it.

01:07 - 01:23    So, this analogy works perfectly because, what Eric and I essentially do is we walk in to that scary, messy garage that you’ve been putting off right, you’re saying…”I know I’ve got to put some focus on to this thing”.

01:24 - 01:31    We enjoy walking in to that garage, and pulling everything out on to the driveway.

01:32 - 01:50    So once we pull everything out, we go through the process of taking inventory of what you’ve accumulated and what’s going to work…based on the conversation that we had of that financial goal that you and your family wanted to accomplish.


01:51 - 02:15    So we get everything, we organize it and then Eric and I going back to that garage…come behind you and start putting shelves in that financial garage, and we start putting hooks, and so basically at the end of the process…we are handing you back this completely organized financial garage.

02:16 - 02:24    Where now you have a clear vision of where you’re going and why…and walking in to it it’s no longer this overwhelming feeling.

02:25 - 02:34     Wow, ok now I can actually see things here, and it makes me feel so good, that I did this and I have a plan…and I know how we’re going to get there.

02:35 - 02:48    And Connie and Eric, they’re gonna’ come back again because they know my garage is gonna’ get messy again. And so they’re gonna’ come back and review it…and again tell us what we have to consolidate, tell us what we have to get rid of.

02:49 - 02:48    And so, it’s this ongoing process of keeping that financial garage…clean and organized so we all have a clear path…so, you can achieve those goals.

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