Your Wealth. Our Focus.

We know what an immense responsibility—and honor—it is to be entrusted with helping manage your financial well-being. We will work diligently to understand your motivations and goals and tailor a blueprint for you founded on extensive research and analysis.

Our Only Goal Is Helping You Reach Yours

We lean into globe-spanning resources and advanced analysis while working in tandem with outside professionals to develop a strategy worthy of your wealth.

Bringing Confidence to Your Investment Planning

We help clients pursue their investment goals with sound financial strategies. You deserve a personal, tailored plan. Lasting, meaningful, and open relationships are the foundation of our practice. You’ve worked hard for your money and should feel confident with your investment choices as you make decisions for your financial future.

A modernized approach to advice

Leveraging our industry leading advice tools and resources simplifies the planning process and allows you to track closer to your desired outcomes.

eMoney Advisor® — Connecting your money to what is important in your life

eMoney, our full-service, interactive planning tool, helps align your assets to the jobs you want them to fulfill with progress towards your success. This robust technology elevates collaboration between you and our team and fosters a deep understanding of how you can reach your goals and provides you with the choices, information and action-steps that will help guide you through your journey.

*The projections or other information generated by eMoney regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.

LifeSync - Your Life. Your money. In sync.

Can your money help you lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life? It can, if you understand what your goals are, who and what you are saving and investing for, and when you need your money to work toward your goals. Through our LifeSync® experience, together we can provide a path to help you do this.

Gleeman Team

Why Invest With Us

Your financial needs and goals are uniquely your own. When investing or working with us, you’ll benefit from a flexible, customizable planning approach and the support of a company dedicated to helping investors thrive and succeed.