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First and foremost, our team believes in being there for you when you need us. We specifically choose to build relationships with a select number of households, helping us ensure each client – whether already existing or newly introduced – receives the attention they require. Furthermore, our experience and offerings are that of a global investment manager, but scaled down to a local level for the benefit of those we serve.

Acequia: trust, simplification, empowerment

Our team’s name – Acequia Investment Group – is derived from the Spanish word for “canal.” More specifically, an acequia is a canal operated by its community, and it represents the very nature of people coming together to serve the needs of the greater good. As our local clients know, we’re located in a part of the city where acequias are still fully utilized by the community.

Weekly Commentary

We enjoy sharing our viewpoint and synopsis each week, and these often include commentary and articles from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute.

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