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An Intro to My Blog

Over the years I’ve pursued my passion for learning through personal travel, as well as attending conferences, lectures, salons, and fireside chats on a wide variety of fascinating topics.


The winter solstice was December 21, marking a time for new beginnings. More so than any year past, my home is filled with evergreens, candles and little hanging lights. Music – my therapy of choice – is playing. Like the solstice, I am bringing back the light, bit by bit.

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Possibly due to the pandemic, I am anchoring in many traditions that I remember as a child. Some were learned from visiting my grandparents, others from my parents, their partners, and my in-laws. This year, we’re keeping our family together by keeping it apart.

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I have had several clients express an interest in the best way to support artistic institutions, as well as other charitable organizations affected by the pandemic. There are several available options – one of which is to establish a donor advised fund.

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From my window, you’d never know that the world is at war. Spring is inching forward with daffodils in full blossom, the magnolias about to burst, and that ever so faint hint of green is pervasive on the elms as their tight buds reach for full development.

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Earlier in February, I had the great pleasure of traveling as a delegate to the Financial Women’s Association 2020 international business conference to Israel, with time spent in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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  • How have your personal interests enhanced your career?
  • Are you a gender minority in your industry? How has this affected you, either positively or negatively?
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  • In addition to education, what other ways can young women be encouraged to enter traditionally male-dominated fields?

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