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Potentially Maximize the Value of Your Company Stock

Many people are unaware of the favorable tax-treatment available on employer stocks distributed from a 401(K), ESOP or profit-sharing plan.

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Social Security and Your Retirement

To factor Social Security into your retirement plan, you should know how you can enhance your benefits and how much income you may need from other sources to be financially comfortable during retirement.

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How to Weather a Market Correction

Timing the market is difficult. Here are some tips for weathering a market correction.

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Setting Personal and Family Wealth Goals

There's a Finnish quote, “Happiness is the place between too little and too much.” In our culture that's so driven by having more, no matter what we already have, this can be a smart and helpful bit of advice.
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Five most important estate planning documents

No matter what your age or net worth, you need an estate plan to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets - during your lifetime, as well as after your death. Read more

The Predictive Power of Data

We use the computer to screen reams of financial data on thousands of companies to select the stocks that go into our portfolios. Why? Because numerous studies as far back as 1954 have shown that simple actuarial models outperform humans in a wide variety of professions including stock selection. Read More

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