Where we've been...and how we're moving into the future

Our team provides a comprehensive set of strengths. Combining our deep wealth management knowledge, decades of experience and diverse personalities helps us better serve your unique and evolving needs.


Gary Alexander begins his career at Financial Service Corporation of America


Gary Alexander joins Thomson McKinnon where he begins building his Financial Advisory business 

After serving in the U.S. Navy, John Cawley begins working with Ford Motor Company


John Cawley begins his career as a Financial Advisor at Prudential-Bache Securities, a predecessor firm of Wells Fargo Advisors 

Debi Chin starts her career in financial services at Prudential-Bache Securities where she meets John Cawley

Gary Alexander continues to build his experience and recognition in the Atlanta area at Thomson McKinnon and moves into management roles

Marc Alexander and Seth Asher meet as students at The University of Georgia


The working relationships begin to take shape when Gary Alexander and Marc Alexander both join Interstate/Johnson Lane

Interstate/Johnson Lane is acquired by Wachovia Corp. in 1999, a predecessor firm of Wells Fargo Advisors

Debi Chin and John Cawley begin working together at Prudential Securities


Seth Asher begins his career as a Financial Advisor and joins Marc Alexander at IJL/Wachovia

As their Financial Advisory business grows, Seth and Marc ask Matt Gruskievich to join their team to deliver exceptional client service

With the merger of the two firms, Gary, Benton, John, Marc, Seth, Debi, and Matt all now work for one firm and move into our present location at Atlanta Plaza 

Gary Alexander along with John Cawley begin working with Debi Chin officially forming the Alexander Investment Group 


Recognizing the importance of providing a team approach and a broader array of wealth planning services, Gary Alexander formalizes the Alexander Investment Group by inviting Seth Asher and Marc Alexander to join the team 

Gary retires and transitions his clients to Marc and Seth
Theresa Fabbrini joins Wells Fargo Advisors as a Financial Advisor


Theresa joins the Alexander Investment Group

As of June 1st, 2020, Benton Evans, a Financial Advisor in the Atlanta branch, will transition his relationships to the Alexander Investment Group 


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