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Meet The Team

Our team is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets who collaborate to create a comprehensive financial experience for each person we serve.

Our Philosophy

Great relationships bring quality to life…and to our work. Every member of our team highly values the relationships we build with our clients; relationships that often go beyond business. Every day, our goal is to listen to our clients, deepen our understanding of their unique situations and learn what is truly important in their lives. In our world of providing financial advice, we must hear and understand our clients’ message. We’ve learned to value the message by first valuing the messenger.

We Have Your Best Interest. What it means to be a Fiduciary.

Fiduciary duty represents the highest degree of trust and confidence that the investment advisor will act in your best interest. As a fiduciary, your investment advisor has the duty to:

  • Make full and fair disclosure of all material facts, particularly where the advisor’s interests may conflict with the client’s
  • Have a reasonable, independent basis for the investment advice
  • Obtain best execution for clients’ securities to the client’s objectives, needs and circumstances
  • Refrain from effecting personal securities transactions inconsistent with the client’s interests
  • Be loyal to clients
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Newsletter: What’s Required of the Executor of an Estate?

Being named as the executor of a friend’s or family member’s estate is generally an honor, but settling an estate can be a difficult and time-consuming job. Each state has specific laws detailing an executor’s responsibilities.