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Planning Methodology for Individuals & Families

We use the Envision® planning process that combines goals-based advice with sophisticated statistical modeling. This planning enables us to chart a course for clients, identify and prioritize important life goals, and develop an investment plan to match without undue financial sacrifice or overexposure to risk. Our approach also helps clients follow their progress with easy-to-understand visuals and the flexibility to adjust priorities when necessary.

Most advisors sell. We take the opposite approach. We get to know you – the whole financial you – first and continually in order to design a strategic plan and solutions that fit for you.
next chapter

Planning Methodology for Businesses

Next Chapter™ Planning is a process developed at Axiom Financial Strategies Group for the benefit of our business clients. The process is designed to result in a well thought out plan for transitioning/exiting a business.

Our transition planning for businesses is accomplished by properly leveraging time and financial responsibility to evaluate, improve, and optimize:
  1. The Human Experience 
  2. Unique Know How (and Great Ideas) 
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Spirituality 
Developed by Vaughan Scott.