While growing up in Hamilton, my dad would give me all kinds of books to read on different subjects like personal growth and development and psychology. One day when I just finished high school, my dad handed me a book about investing. This book intrigued me more than any other. And after discovering a natural affinity for numbers and long-term planning, I knew finance was the career I have a passion for.

We both had career opportunities to move away, but this is where our roots and where our families are.

We want our children to have the opportunity to grow up in the tri-state area.

And we’re committed to serving the individuals and families that help make this area a wonderful place to live.

I’m Heather Barnett, Branch Manager.

I’m Ryan Barnett, Financial Advisor. And together we operate Barnett Financial Partners.

We believe one of the most private and important things in a persons’ life is their money.

We take that very seriously at Barnett Financial Partners.

And we know that the only way to help a client is to earn their trust and confidence. Clients come to us for many different reasons, but most common is when there is a significant change in their life, such as a job change, an inheritance, or wanting to plan for retirement.

Really any critical financial event.

Our clients are like family, and we share these life experiences with them.

These personal relationships, working together through the good times and the bad, is what allows us to understand what’s truly important to our clients.

That’s why we strive to make such a difference in their lives and the lives of their families.

We engage our clients in comprehensive investment planning.

To help them attain financial independence and achieve their goals. We suggest investment strategies, explain all the available options,

As well as the implications of each one. Our role as Financial Advisors, is first of all, to listen.

Our clients come to us with questions and problems, and by listening we can identify the underlying issues and help find solutions and formulate a plan.

We believe the relationships we form with our clients are about so much more than just money. We realize we have to be counted on for honest, straight-forward, and meaningful guidance that’s always in the best interest of the client.

I believe that working as a Financial Advisor is a calling.

It’s a privilege to help people identify the pieces of a financial puzzle and help put those pieces together.

We have the opportunity to enable our clients to face the future, not with apprehension but anticipation.

And I’m lucky enough to get to do this every day with some wonderful people. Ryan and I are both Certified Financial Planner Professionals.

This allows us to not just see things from the investment prospective, but also envision sour clients’ lives and help them map out what is truly important to them and their families.

We believe the biggest impact we can have on a family is to help give them the confidence that they know their financial situation and have a plan to help achieve their financial goals.

We believe success comes from having a plan that provides a road map for their financial journey.

And our role in that journey, is to be their guide.

One thing that we believe sets us apart from other advisors, is that we develop personalized, formal written plans for our clients.

We feel strongly that people with a plan are much more likely to succeed than those without one.

Getting started on your path towards financial success, or verifying that you are on track to meet your goals, is as easy as calling our office to schedule a complementary fit appointment

To determine if we’re the right fit to meet your needs.

Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC. Member SIPC. A registered broker dealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. Barnett Financial Partners, Inc. is a separate entity from Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.