Our Process

1) Fit Meeting

Our initial meeting provides an opportunity to ensure that we fully understand each other and to determine whether or not there is a "fit". During this meeting we will consider:
  • Your assets
  • Our chemistry
  • Your objectives and if what you are looking for is what we aim to deliver on
  • Our desire to trust you and begin a long term relationship
At the same time, we expect you to consider:
  • Our chemistry
  • Our philosophical alignment
  • Our ability to provide you what you are looking for
  • Your desire to trust us and begin a long-term relationship
In this meeting, we will inform you about our team and our approach to investment planning. We will then turn our attention to your goals and explore topics that are most important to you. We schedule a follow-up call 48 hours after the initial meeting to discuss whether we perceive a mutual "fit" that indicates we should complete the Envision® Process.

2) Envision Discovery Meeting

Our second meeting provides an opportunity to learn more about you and to gather the necessary information to begin building your Envision plan. Wells Fargo Advisors’ unique Envision planning process creates an effective, easy-to-understand method for you to prioritize and track progress toward important life goals. Ultimately, the Envision process is designed to help you live the one life you have the best way you can, without undue financial sacrifice or excessive risk.

3) Presentation of Envision Plan and Recommendations

During our third meeting, we present a comprehensive Envision plan that addresses your stated concerns and establishes a roadmap for pursuing your specific goals. This provides a foundation for measurement of progress toward your goals in future meetings.

At this time, we will also make specific portfolio recommendations designed to help you pursue your goals.

4) Implementation

We will be with you every step of the way in the implementation phase. Our team coordinates and executes necessary changes in order to save you time and ensure your plan is implemented properly.

5) Review Schedule

Your plan will change because your life changes. We are committed to meeting and speaking with you so that we can assist you in making informed decisions along the way.