Medical Professionals

Managing the Wealth of Medical Professionals

The Bezilla Kinney Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors understands the complex and unique financial needs of physicians and dentists.  Our team is here to coordinate all areas of your financial picture and be your central point of contact for the many resources Wells Fargo has to offer.  We will guide you through all stages of your career, including:

Early Career  Mid Career  Approaching Retirement & Beyond


Critical Wealth Planning Issues:

Common Myths and Misconceptions

We have compiled below many common myths and misconceptions of critical wealth-planning issues that healthcare professionals often encounter.  Typically, these topics involve issues found both in the personal financial picture as well as in the practices of healthcare professionals.

Insurance & Risk Management


“I am confident that my various personal and practice insurance programs fit my specific needs and are efficient and cost effective.  My risks and liability exposures, including Healthcare Professional and General Liability; Disability; Key Person Life Insurance and Property and Casualty; and other practice-related risks, are properly identified, measured and monitored.”


Surprisingly, many dentists and physicians have not been properly advised about their true risk exposures or financing options and have simply tried to buy insurance through a traditional price-driven bidding process.  The consequence is often not felt until a threat or claim arises that was not anticipated, under-funded or not covered at all.  Many professionals are not aware that true own-occupation disability definitions are available and disability limits are now the highest they have been in years.

Investment Management


“I am confident that I am receiving proactive investment advice.  I feel that my personal and retirement portfolios are well-balanced and that my personal portfolios are managed in a tax-efficient manner.  I am confident that there is coordination between my investment advisor(s) and my tax advisor.  I receive periodic performance reports that measure my performance against common benchmarks.”


The fact is that many clients are not receiving proactive investment advice from an experienced advisor. The Bezilla Kinney Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors offers a seamlessly integrated suite of comprehensive wealth management services. We view our role as your chief financial officer – fully engaged in your complete financial picture.

Unprecedented times ultimately call for professional judgment – a deep understanding of markets, asset classes, and relationships among them. As is often said, “There is no substitute for experience.” Our team has accumulated over 100 years of combined investment experience. We are a team with broad knowledge and apply our experience in proactively assisting healthcare professionals with managing their wealth.

Retirement Plan


“My employee benefit program has recently undergone a comprehensive review.  It is monitored for competitiveness in cost, best in class asset management and service.  The retirement plan I have in place for my practice is optimally designed for its largest contributor – ME.”


The fact is that it takes specialists to provide a thorough analysis of your current employee benefit program.  Over the years, numerous changes have been made in the retirement plan industry.  Many new plans including new comparability programs may significantly increase the amount of money that may be contributed by you and for you.

Estate Planning


“My estate plan is completely up to date and is periodically reviewed by an estate planning professional.  The changes that occurred in my personal financial life and my practice since it was last reviewed should have no bearing on my current plan.  My planning is consistent with current tax law and coordinates with my assets, my investment plan, my family dynamic, and the value of my practice.”


The fact is that estate investment planning is a constant and dynamic process.  One only needs to understand that estate tax law has undergone dozens of changes over the last several decades.  What was once the most well designed estate plan may not be the optimal plan given current tax code and potential changes in your family circumstances.  Our team, along with Wells Fargo’s specialists in trust and estate planning, will work with your attorney to plan for the protection, management, and distribution of your wealth.  We have access to in-house and external independent trust companies that specialize in estate planning and trust management.

Comprehensive Planning


“I have a written investment plan.  This plan consolidates all of personal and practice assets onto one document, projects my cash flow and helps forecast achievement of my retirement goals.

This document describes my investments and provides a review of my cash flow, retirement planning, insurance and estate planning strategies.


Many clients with whom we work have previously failed to consolidate their planning and most importantly monitor their progress to achieving their goals. Our Envision® process starts by providing a consolidated view of all assets, liabilities, investments, cash flows, and future goals. The strategy and your objectives are then stress tested against multiple market and economic scenarios to demonstrate their effect on your goals. The result is a dynamic, working document that provides a relevant, personalized benchmark for your long-term goals. This tool is a service our team provides to our clients at no cost.  Do you have a written investment plan?

Full Service Relationship Management


“There lacks a coordinated team of local professionals who can act as my personal chief financial officer. A team that has the depth of resources of a Fortune 500 company under one roof and that can manage almost every investment aspect of my financial life.”


We do.  Call or email us to arrange a confidential introductory meeting.  We understand the unique needs of a busy healthcare professional.  Our team stands ready to be the one point of contact – a professional whose responsibility it would be to coordinate a comprehensive, holistic approach to the management of a healthcare professional’s wealth.

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