Our Disciplined Investment Process

Establish Objectives

A well-crafted process drives success. We listen to you to gain a clear understanding of your life goals. We gather information and engage in an open-ended dialogue to discover your objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs and return criteria. Together, once we have defined and prioritized your goals, we can begin to develop a customized investment plan.

Analysis and Strategy

Your information is thoroughly analyzed based on your investment objectives. We analyze your current portfolio and generate a customized investment strategy. The Wells Fargo Advisor's Envision® process is an effective and easy-to-understand investment planning program that combines goal based guidance with sophisticated statistical modeling. The Envision process allows us to continually monitor and test your progress throughout your life, always answering that key questions: "How am I doing."


Together, we will review the details of your customized strategy and proceed with implementing the plan.

Review Progress

Once your plan is in place, we will meet with you on an on-going basis and monitor your strategy to ensure we are on track. You will receive monthly statements, quarterly performance reports, and proactive communication. Keeping you informed is just one component of our service commitment to you.