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Who We Are

Known as one of Baltimore’s premier Wealth Management teams, BGW works hard to differentiate itself from other Financial Advisory teams. By spending time to understand a client’s background, goals, and dreams; our team works hard to develop custom investment plans for each family. But the work does not stop there. Our team strives to reach further and connects with other key professionals in the clients financial circles. By reaching out and connecting with the client’s CPA’s and Attorney’s, our plans and strategies are well thought-out, creative, coordinated, well executed, and verified. Creating investment plans that are well developed and well executed helps to keep our clients (and our client’s families) content; realizing that all financial matters are being addressed. Frequent communication is key in our process.

Our Support Team

Old school service and professionalism; key attributes that our Client Service team members take seriously. Answering the phone and getting questions resolved accurately are two key items our staff is passionate about. In the day of automated call centers or “call takers” who don’t have a clue who you are. Rest assure, if you are our client, our team will know who you are and deliver extraordinary service with every interaction.

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor

Our Services

Wells Fargo Advisors is one of the nation’s largest full-service retail investment companies, yet it retains the intense client focus and commitment to service that distinguished its predecessor firms. We are recognized for our structure and scale that combine the capabilities and best practices available through a national firm with a client focus more typical of smaller firms.

Our Commitment to You

We work hard to serve our clients’ best interests through careful planning and transparent actions. When working with us, you’ll know the reasons for our recommendations and any fees associated with them. You’ll receive timely attention when you have a concern or question. And we can work together in person, by phone, or via email – whichever works best for you.