A Disciplined Approach to Investing

Whether your wealth comes from a successful business career or a family legacy, it presents remarkable opportunities and challenges.

Markets are unpredictable, economic policies shift, new tax laws are adopted, global macro events occur, currencies fluctuate, inflation and deflation come and go. In short, everything that impacts the value of your investments changes constantly.

Adapting to these changes is at the heart of the investment process the Blanchard Lundberg Financial Group uses to help manage investments on your behalf. Our team of highly experienced investment professionals has differentiated itself by developing an investment process that adapts to varying market conditions.

After conducting a detailed personal needs analysis to get a profile of your current and future financial situation, we diversify your investment portfolio between different asset classes to reflect your specific investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

Our group also reviews your allocation on an ongoing basis to help ensure you are maintaining the right balance between risk and reward for your age, market conditions and “time horizon” for reaching your goals.