Why It Matters

It's about more than money.

We understand wealth is a tool for expressing personal values. There is an analytical side of investing focused on HOW to invest and there is a feelings-based side looking at WHY people invest. The members of our team combine their skills and experience to help you define your goals and develop the strategies appropriate to support them – all with a curiosity to understand the inspirations and aspirations and the fears and concerns that motivate you to invest in the first place. We believe this shared understanding allows us to provide more effective and insightful advice tailored to each client’s unique decision-making needs.

It's about more than your portfolio.

Your portfolio matters and we use our knowledge and skills to help you build well-diversified ones. These portfolios provide a prudent asset allocation designed to support your chosen objectives and are implemented using well researched and vetted professional management teams. But we understand the decisions you make – thousands of them over the course of a lifetime – will have a far greater impact on your financial success and security than anything you own. That is why a significant portion of our work is providing education and coaching to help our clients make informed and effective financial decisions.

It is about your life.

We set ourselves apart and add the greatest value through the coaching, care, and collaboration we bring to understand the unique WHY for each of our clients. Then, we apply the HOW with our process, strategies, tactics and tools to help them succeed. Sound advice in alignment with each client’s unique purpose and passions – that is our mission.

Our Story

We provide a deep and world-class suite of offerings – a distinct alternative to other investment consulting firms. With more than 70 years of experience, we combine the vast resources of a premier global investment firm with the personalized service of experienced wealth management consultants who have spent their entire careers advising individuals and institutions in Florida and across the country.