It is a privilege to deliver results for the wonderful people we serve. Some of our clients include investors who depend on their investments for income. Some allow us to manage their savings for long term capital appreciation, while others include organizations that either sponsor retirement plans for their employees or that have us manage accounts to provide capital for a future endeavor. Whatever the situation calls for, we rely upon long term proven and traditional investment management principles offered through our confidential, service-minded boutique company. On the subject of "proven and traditional investment management principles," proper diversification, low expenses, and the commitment to research are cornerstones of what we do. I have been in the industry for 20 years and was fortunate to have worked for two prestigious investment management companies. While I am incredibly grateful for the experience I was granted working in corporate life, nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than to be accountable to deliver results for the individuals and organizations we serve. If you are in a situation where you are curious about fees you might be paying, investment results that have yet to come your way, or if you feel that personal service is not what it should be, I would like to invite you to learn what a great experience this can be.