Adaptive Portfolio Management

What is your investment philosophy?

I create and manage my own collection of customized portfolios tailored towards my client's needs.  I believe most investors are under-serviced by following buy, hold and hope strategies.  The recent financial crisis has revealed the weakness of passive investing, and investors feel the need to adopt new strategies. I believe there are times along the way when it is best to change allocations, raise cash or even hedge a portfolio.

What is your buy/sell discipline?

I believe all of our holdings should have "bands" on them.  As a result, I create customized portfolios in which, every holding is assigned a specific buy and sell price.  Because I have a strict buy/sell discipline in place, I feel like we take the emotion out of investing.  In my opinion, emotion is the biggest reason why most investors are not successful on their own.

What is your risk Management Philosophy?

Communication is the key.  I believe managing the emotional reactions to the markets is as important as managing the actual investments.  I believe it is important to effectively communicate my portfolio strategy and the changes I am making, especially during volatile markets.