Connelly and Moore Wealth Managment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors believes that Envision® is one of the most innovative financial strategies available today.  By emphazising the value of conversation, it can help people prepare for their retirement and discuss some of the questions that tend to keep us awake at night.

Our highly disciplined Envision® planning approach offers you an effective way to identify your highest priority goals and develop an investment plan designed to provide you with the wealth you need to live your life the way you want.  Instead of tracking your portfolio's performance against a standardized index, such as the S&P 500, we monitor your progress toward achieving your life goals on your own fully customized index.  

Defining Major Life Goals

The Envision® process begins by allowing you to explore what goals and dreams you have while addressing the concerns you have about being able to achieve them.  This important step serves as the basis for our conversations together.

Ideal and Acceptable Goals

We'll explore your ability to reach your goals in multiple scenarios, starting with ideal and the acceptable.  The ideal scenario represents your "perfect world" goals, whereas the acceptable secenario represents satisfactory compromises you could make and still feel content.

Prioritizing Your Goals and Ideas

The Envision® process is built for tinkering, adjusting and updating.  Your can "try on" or "test drive" big-picture goals and ideas to find out how they'll play out within an investment strategy.

Collaborating Closely with You

From this foundational understanding, we will coordinate with your team of specialists to design a wealth plan to your unique needs and goals.

New Goal and Priorities

Change can present challenges, whether it happens in your own life or in the world around you.  Whenever necessary, it is easy to update your Envision® plan to account for the changes and measure the impact it has on your ability to achieve your stated goals.  If your investment plan needs to be updated, the appropriate adjustments can be made at your convenience.

Monitoring Your Progress

The most important part of the Envision® process is the way your are able to monitor your progress toward the goals and dreams you wish to accomplish.  Your Envision® plan will update each night and create a benchmark unique to your goals and circumstances.  This information can be displayed on your statements and online.

Making a Recommendation

Once we have an understanding of your ideal or acceptable scenarios, we will also create a recommended scenario for you that will incorporate the goals you value most while potentially deemphasizing some of your lower priority objectives.

Implementing Your Envision Plan

Based on your goals, dreams, concerns, risk tolerances and financial circumstances, we can propose an investment mix to help you achieve those goals.