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Wells Fargo Investment Institute – 2022 Midyear Outlook

Faster, further, and fragile

“The Interest rate prescription should cool inflation but has the side effect of undermining borrowing, spending, and economic growth. And the interest rate side effects can take six to 20 months to fully play out, implying that an overdose is very possible. Certainly, this really tough medicine could do more harm than good, making economic and corporate earnings growth an unfortunate casualty of the treatment.” Click Here for full report


Wells Fargo Advisors | Estate Planning

It’s time to create, or update, estate plans

"If you haven’t created an estate plan or have one but the documents may be outdated, you might be putting yourself and your family at risk if the unthinkable, such as becoming incapacitated or passing away, should happen to you. To assist you with getting started on creating or updating your plan, it helps to understand these five important…” Click Here for Full Article


FIFA World Cup  | Stories and Facts

"Soccer is one of those sports were many advocates around the world practice it and play it regardless of religion, social status and ethnicity, being of the most viewed sports in the world and has an event as prestigious as the World Cup that holds a huge relevance culturally even though the sport hasn’t existed as long as other disciplines. This year will hold its 21st edition in Russia, and we’ll make an overview of the history and facts of the tournament throughout the years.” Click Here for more information.

The FIFA World Cup - Stories and Facts (jromeroyee.com)