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**New** - 2021 Year-End Planning Guide

This year ushered in a new President and Congress, as well as new proposals that could significantly alter the tax landscape. As the uncertainty about possible changes continues to play out, you do not need to be idle. There are still planning strategies and steps you can take now to help potentially lower your 2021 tax liability and keep your financial plan on track into 2022. The deadline for implementing most investment-related strategies that could reduce your 2021 tax bill is December 31, 2021. Read More

Roth IRA Conversion Overview

One financial strategy that is often overlooked when evaluating your retirement and estate planning options is the Roth IRA conversion. Converting allows you to reposition your current tax-deferred retirement account to a Roth IRA by paying federal and possibly state income tax [but without the IRS 10% additional tax for taking early or pre-59½ distributions (10% additional tax)] on the taxable amount of the conversion. The benefit is that any earnings would be distributed tax-free, if certain conditions are met. Read More

Portfolio Perspectives - To Invest of Reduce Debt?

Many young investors may be grappeling withhigh levels of personal debt. Specifically student debt, which has ballooned to roughly $1.73 trillion in the second quarter of 2021, according to the Federal Reserve. Read More

**NEW** - Five important estate planning documents - Understand the essentials before you plan

No matter what your age or net worth, you need an estate plan to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets — during your lifetime, as well as after your death. Before visiting with your attorney, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the documents he or she may recommend for your plan. Read More

Investing for a longer life - Will you be ready for what's ahead?

Longer life spans, fewer young workers, and diminishing economic and market growth rates have significant implications for the future of benefit programs and investors. Longevity risk — the consequences of outliving your assets — is magnified by these demographic and macroeconomic conditions. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Instutute: The New Landscape - Investing in post-pandemic markets

COVID-19 has upended our daily lives, while the response to the pandemic has reshaped global markets and the economy. The pandemic accelerated certain market trends that were already underway prior to the outbreak while sparking new ones. Read More

Tax Time Tips and Reminders

Forgetting about tax deductions or credits can be costly. It’s important to tell your tax preparer about your expenses, gifts and retirement plan contributions to help lessen your tax bill. Even if you prepare your own tax return, begin gathering this information now. Read More

Options for your retirement plan savings

Are you considering the various options for the savings you have accumulated in your qualified employer-sponsored retirement plans? Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages and the one that is best depends on your individual circumstances. Read More

Financial Times: ESG passes the Covid challenge 

Investment with a sustainable focus is only likely to grow, wealth managers believe. Read More 

Purposeful Portfolios - Advices and Research

By its nature, investing is an optimistic, forward-looking endeavor: We forego spending today, in exchange for the potential of greater rewards tomorrow. In many cases, investing means planning for a specific goal—funding a child’s education, ensuring a comfortable retirement, traveling the world, or
leaving a legacy. Read More

Four steps of successful investing

Uncertainty is always part of investing. One key to success is how you deal with it. We recomment four steps for investors to prepare for what could be ahead. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: How Do I Align My Investments With My Values?

Studies suggest that SII does not detract from investment performance and, in fact, can be beneficial. Read More