Mindful Stewardship

Mindful Stewardship - Integrating your values, vision and wealth.

Mindful stewardship is about having a plan tailored to reflect your life’s goals beyond just your finances. My stewardship approach brings the structure, process and ongoing oversight to identify what is important to you, implement a plan to realize your life’s aspirations and create your legacy for future generations.

My philosophy

The foundation of my approach grew from my upbringing on the family farm in Northern Idaho where I was the 4th generation to farm land my great grandfather homesteaded in 1878.   I was raised with an appreciation for the land and the inherent responsibility to make sure the farm ground was productive long after I was gone.

Doing what is right, not what is easy

It was during my upbringing on the farm that I learned about doing what is right, not what is easy, things like:
  • Take a long-term perspective 
  • Respect the natural process 
  • Nothing in life is certain
  • Helping others
These lessons are the basis for many of the principles that guide my personal and professional life.