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Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Market Commentary - Tech Worries?

Investors have been concerned that the recent Tech-led downside in the equity market marks an end to this sector’s outperformance.We continue to rate the Information Technology sector as most favorable and recommend taking advantage of pullbacks to add exposure. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Guide to the 2020 Elections - Potential impacts on policy and portfolios

We expect economic and investment implications from the elections. However, the track of the pandemic and the economic recovery from the 2020 global recession still loom as possibly the larger influences on political and private decisions alike. Read More

Getting Your Retirement Right - 8 tips to help you live the lifestyle you want

You could spend decades saving for retirement, and that’s vitally important. But in the end, it’s the planning you do in the years leading up to and immediately after you retire that may be critical in determining the lifestyle you’ll be able to afford. By having a plan that covers your working years and focuses on the period surrounding your retirement, you may help increase the likelihood you’ll be able to live the retirement you’ve anticipated. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Investment Strategy Global Economy Spotlight

Investment implications of a weakening dollar  |  Equities: Biden's corporate tax proposal - likey impact on large-cap earnings  |  Fixed Income: Yield is King  |  Real Assets: Gold breaks through to the other side.  Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Five Ways the Pandemic Changes the Investment Landscape

Our 2020 Midyear Outlook report introduced five secular themes that we believe th COVID-19 pandemic created, accelerated, or permanently altered. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: 2020 Midyear Outlook - Recession, Recovery, and Resilience

When we set our 2020 investment theme of resilience last December, we foresaw market volatility and a vulnerable late-cycle global economy. But we did not anticipate the most serious pandemic in a century - and likely the fastest to develop in human history. Read More

Four Step to Successful Investing

Uncertainty is always a part of investing. An investor’s key to success may be how they deal with it. We recommend four steps for investors to prepare for what could be ahead. Read More

First Trust - May 18, 2020 - How Are We Going To Pay For All This?

The largest federal budget deficit since World War II cameback in 2009, as slower growth and increased government spending during the subprime-mortgage financial panic pushed the deficit to 9.8% of GDP. This year’s budget deficit will, quite simply, blow that record out of the water. 2020. Read More

Five Way to Help Protect Your Family From Fraud

From listening to music to ordering groceries, almost all aspects of our daily lives are connected to the Internet in some way. Nearly a third of Americans say they’re “almost constantly” online, with 81% using the Internet at least once a day. Read More

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Wells Fargo Investment Institute: How can emotions influence investment decisions?

Investors are not always rational, both cognitive and emotional biases influence our decision making. Learn More

SECURE Act Overview: How This Legislation Affects You 

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act), signed into law on December 20, 2019, affects a large segment of the population. Read Article

Organize Your Important Financial Information

What should you keep, throw away, copy, and shred? Read More 

Discussing Your Estate Plan With Family

How much of your estate plan should your family know about? Read More  

Social Security and Retirement: Claim Benefits Sooner or Later?

If you're nearing retirement, it usually—but not always—pays to wait to claim Social Security benefits as long as you comfortably can. Read More    

Job Change

What should you do with your employer-sponsored retirement plan savings when you leave your job? Read More  

Did You Know That Saving For Retirement Has 3 Key Stages?

After you learn about life-cycle finance, you may want to reconsider the way you invest for retirement. Read More    

Five Ways to Help Protect Your Family from Fraud

Taking these steps can help guard you and your loved ones in today's increasingly digital world. Read More 

Teaching Kids About Money and Values: Five Valuable Lessons to Share

Financial professionals share tips that can help parents set the next generation on a path toward financial success. Read More 

Estate Planning Strategies: How to Match Your Plan to Your Priorities

Consider these strategies for providing for your family, transitioning your business, and giving to charity. Read More  

How To Be A Success At The Hard Work Of Retirement

Too many people haven’t learned retirement is hard work. They need to learn it early to have successful retirements. Read More