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**NEW**  Retirement catch-up strategies - Make up for lost time with these retirement savings strategies 

If you’ve put off saving for retirement or saved less than you planned, consider the following steps to to help you work toward your retirement goals. Read More 

Wells Fargo Investment Instutute: The New Landscape - Investing in post-pandemic markets

COVID-19 has upended our daily lives, while the response to the pandemic has reshaped global markets and the economy. The pandemic accelerated certain market trends that were already underway prior to the outbreak while sparking new ones. Read More

Outlook 2021 - Wells Fargo Investment Institute - Forging a Path Forward

We anticipate uneven global growth in 2021, but strengthening over the course of the year if and when coronavirus vaccines are distributed. We expect China and the U.S. to remain on the leading edge of the global recovery throughout the year. We view global inflation’s projected rise through the end of next year more as catch-up from 2020’s pandemic-depressed rate than a fundamental change in the low-inflation environment of recent decades. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Market Commentary - Tech Worries?

Investors have been concerned that the recent Tech-led downside in the equity market marks an end to this sector’s outperformance.We continue to rate the Information Technology sector as most favorable and recommend taking advantage of pullbacks to add exposure. Read More

Getting Your Retirement Right - 8 tips to help you live the lifestyle you want

You could spend decades saving for retirement, and that’s vitally important. But in the end, it’s the planning you do in the years leading up to and immediately after you retire that may be critical in determining the lifestyle you’ll be able to afford. By having a plan that covers your working years and focuses on the period surrounding your retirement, you may help increase the likelihood you’ll be able to live the retirement you’ve anticipated. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Investment Strategy Global Economy Spotlight

Investment implications of a weakening dollar  |  Equities: Biden's corporate tax proposal - likey impact on large-cap earnings  |  Fixed Income: Yield is King  |  Real Assets: Gold breaks through to the other side.  Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Five Ways the Pandemic Changes the Investment Landscape

Our 2020 Midyear Outlook report introduced five secular themes that we believe th COVID-19 pandemic created, accelerated, or permanently altered. Read More

Four Step to Successful Investing

Uncertainty is always a part of investing. An investor’s key to success may be how they deal with it. We recommend four steps for investors to prepare for what could be ahead. Read More