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Retirement Transitioning

Planning the Transition to Retirement
The reality of retirement has evolved dramatically over the years. With technological advances in healthcare, many of us are able to live longer and enjoy more active lifestyles in our golden years. Adapting to changing investment environments spanning several decades is an actuality faced by retirees today. This prospect gives rise to several questions and concerns. How will I support a longer more active life with my financial resources? What investment strategies are appropriate for me given my goals and objectives? How should I define risk when it comes to my investments? Working with the Gerrish and Sicina Wealth Management Group will help gain clarity around these issues and others while abating common retirement apprehensions.

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We work closely with our clients to identify and classify retirement income sources by listening and learning about their particular situation. You may have a pension, military retirement, social security, a qualified retirement plan or even non-qualified savings all of which play unique roles in the sourcing of your retirement income. Developing a strategy that meets with your risk tolerance, shields your asset base from erosion of principal if possible, and provides you with the possibility of growing your net worth and income stream over time are our objectives when engineering your portfolio.