Our Ideal Clients

Our clients are diverse. They work in different industries, live in many different states around the country, and encompass a wide range of family structures and concerns. A little over half of them are in wealth accumulation mode. We focus our planning work with them to help ensure they are well positioned financially for their future life goals and to create resiliency in their plans to absorb unexpected life events along the way. The balance of our clients are already retired and in wealth distribution mode. The transition between the two phases is significant and many different types of risk become magnified once a person prepares to draw from their portfolio. We excel at helping our clients navigate these risks and we work to turn assets into sustainable cash flow. Despite differing life phases, there are important similarities among clients that are the best fit for our team.

Ideal Client Characteristics

  • Friendly, kind individuals and families who want to be good stewards for their wealth
  • Demonstrating good communication skills and follow through on commitments
  • Having a balanced attitude toward wealth and realistic expectations regarding both risk/returns
  • Willing to be coached to develop or enhance effective investor behavior
  • With investable assets in our target range (between $1 million and $10 million)
  • Appreciate and value a collaborative partnership

Client Responsibilities

In our work we do a great deal to simplify clients' lives and streamline the processes and information they need to manage and be aware of on a day to day basis. In order to accomplish this it is important that we develop a full and thorough understanding of their goals, planning assumptions, and total financial picture.  Our confidence in our recommendations and advice is based on this understanding.  We value clients who are willing to do the work to make sure their inputs are as accurate and comprehensive as possible. The amount of this work is greater in the beginning as we get to know one another and build the initial plan. We look for a collaborative relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Being responsive to calls, emails and requests for information is appreciated.