Our Services

We have experience helping clients with a wide variety of goals including:
  • Retirement planning for individuals and corporate plans;
  • Educational funding;
  • Provide for a secure income;
  • Estate planning strategies.
We work with and/or recommend attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals as needed in working toward these goals.

Investment Services

The process we use to help our clients with their goals includes the following elements:

  1. Investment Planning – The first step with a new client is to assess their current financial situation.  Then we help them determine their individual long-term financial objectives and develop a plan specifically tailored to help them. This plan is an invaluable asset and has proven to be an excellent resource for our clients.
  2. Asset Allocation – Based upon the plan and risk tolerance, we will recommend an allocation among various financial markets.  We utilize historic risk and return data as well as study the interplay between financial markets to determine the optimum combination of different types of financial assets to help with our clients’ goals.
  3. Investment Recommendations -- We believe that successful investing is part art, part science.  The art of investing involves a vision of the future and the identification of trends.  The science of investing involves the valuation of financial assets.  We endeavor to buy only those investments that we can acquire at significant discounts to their true value.  Our clients’ portfolios are custom-tailored, taking into account not only their specific needs but also their desire for involvement and communication in their investment program.
  4. Monitoring and Review -- Investment markets are dynamic.  We provide ongoing monitoring of our clients’ investments.  We recommend periodic review meetings with all clients.