approaching retirement

Approaching Retirement

As retirement date approaches, are you on track with your investments? Will you have enough to succeed in retirement? How will you convert your retirement savings into a reliable source of monthly income? What level of risk are you taking? These are some of the questions people have as they approach retirement. We address these questions with solutions at the Holzapfel Investment Group.

You may have a pension and Social Security, as well as a substantial amount in retirement and nonretirement accounts. We often talk through your goals, your views on risk and reward, and your desire for stability of income. By looking at your income sources, we can design potential income streams. Each source of income plays a part in the structure of your retirement income. Ideally, we can design your portfolio, through a mix of investments that help satisfy your need for income today, while avoiding principal erosion, if possible, since the length of your retirement is uncertain and could extend up to 30 years or more.