About Us

The Holzapfel Investment Group works alongside our clients through major transitions, such as retirement, personal loss or the sale of a business. Our sound advice and guidance, born of experience, commitment and caring, can make a significant difference in our clients’ lives.  We believe having experienced advisors who ask the right questions, understand our clients’ needs and what they want to accomplish, and apply a planning mindset, leads to thoughtful solutions.  We look at our clients’ entire financial picture and provide appropriate direction based upon our understanding of their needs.

Through this work, we will become very familiar with what is most important to our clients. We take our time in meetings to address their questions and explain our recommendations, as well as get to know them better. Over the years, many of our clients have become our friends.  From the very first meeting, they know and understand that they are being guided by people who genuinely care about them and are driven by the desire to help them achieve successful outcomes.