Intro To Carl

I wanted to share a project that we are currently working on. We have been able to collaborate with our friend Carl Richards and building off of his content and discussing his art with our clients.

Your Future Self

One of the big problems with setting goals is that we’re really bad at imagining our future self.

Crush it, Rest

If you really want to crush it, you need to rest.
Seems obvious, but for me, it’s a very painful lesson I am still trying to learn.

How Much They Make

You know what’s worse than judging a book by its cover? Judging a book by its cover… and then making financial decisions based on what you guess the book might tell you. And yet, we do this all the time. Not with books, but with people.

Days or Decades

When it comes to investing, that means you have a choice. You can focus on days or decades.

Scary Market Hug

When the markets go down, it almost feels like a wild animal is chasing you. The only thing you want to do is run! But we have another idea.

The Magic Certainty Button

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Neither have we, but we do have some beneficial tips to help you feel just a little more comfortable in an uncertain world.