Our Team in the Press

Throughout our careers in the financial services industry, we have been honored to receive recognition for the services we provide to our clients and their families. Our recognition from this year is listed below, and an archive of previous years' accolades are included further down the page as well.

Mayer earns "Premier Advisor" for 4th consecutive year

Huffman designated "Premier Advisor" for 6th consecutive year

Gilliland is named 2014 Team Member of the Year*

IMCA - Gathering of Investment Leaders

Barron's Top Advisors Summit, September 8, 2014

Harvest for Hunger

The C(k)P® - Certified 401(k) Professional Designation, February 4, 2014

*The Team Member of the Year award is given to team members for their service and commitment to the values of the firm.

Mayer earns "Premier Advisor" for 3rd consecutive year

Huffman designated "Premier Advisor" for 5th consecutive year

Hassett Celebrates 25 Years at Wells Fargo

Huffman Attends 2013 Baron's Top Advisors Summit, September, 2013

Richards receives "Emerging Leader" Award, June, 2013

Huffman attends Annual IMCA Conference in Seattle, May, 2013

Shred It Event to Benefit Harvest for Hunger, May, 2013 


Huffman designated "Premier Advisor"

Huffman attends 2010 Barron’s Top Advisors Summit, October, 2010


Huffman designated "Premier Advisor"

Dan Huffman, James Mayer form wealth management group (March, 2009)