Our Newsletters

At the beginning of every quarter, we publish a newsletter discussing our outlook on the state of the markets and the direction the industry is headed. This year's newsletters are listed directly below, with an archive included further down the page as well.

4th Quarter: Assessing the future of democracy

3rd Quarter: VanDusen Paolo bring experience, insights to clients

2nd Quarter: Shred It and Forget It benefits clients and community

1st Quarter: Regulation saturation 

4th Quarter: Growth Partnership recognizes Mayer and team

3rd Quarter: How much should a senator make?

2nd Quarter: Shred It and Forget It serves the community

1st Quarter: Breaking down the details 


4th Quarter: Ride sharing

3rd Quarter: Trends that I have observed

2nd Quarter: Advisors participate in 9th annual Men Who Cook


3rd Quarter: Strategies to help make your money last

2nd Quarter: New year, new priorities

1st Quarter: Rethinking tax strategy


4th Quarter: Investment plans: male vs. female views

2nd Quarter: Look at your whole financial picture

1st Quarter: When should you retire?


4th Quarter: Build confidence with a plan

3rd Quarter: What type of investor are you?

2nd Quarter: Capitalize on market volatility