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November 2021 Market Recap

We continue to see supply chain disruptions this month, and we also take a look at recent earnings growth in the U.S. and consumer confidence.

Personal Trainer

Like a personal trainer, our team is going to understand that different factors and goals that makes you who you are, and we will strive to formulate a financial strategy specifically for you.

Your Dream Retirement

If you want to unlock your dream retirement, it starts by the decisions you make today.

September 2021 Market Recap

As we inch closer to autumn, our latest recap takes a look at China's crackdown of certain businesses and the housing market as it trends upward.

Reviewing Your Plan

A good friend of mine jokes with me that I have the next five years of my life planned out to the mint. It makes me sleep better knowing I have a map for tomorrow. But what happens when things don't go according to plan?

August 2021 Market Recap

Summer is moving right along and we are now into August. Hard to believe how fast it goes. This month, we're talking about inflation, the Delta variant, and the rebounding economy.

July 2021 Market Recap

It's hard to believe that it is already July. In this month's recap, we discuss increasing company stock prices, interest rates, inflation, and asset purchases, as well as job growth.

Let's Talk About Saturdays

A number of our clients talk to us about how much money they're going to need when they retire. They often suggest they will need less than when they're working. The reason I'm talking about Saturdays is because it's the most expensive day of my week, and when you retire, every day is Saturday.

June 2021 Market Recap

Summer is definitely in the air, and our team hopes you're able to get outside and enjoy it. This month we are discussing rising inflation and market performance.

May 2021 Market Recap

As we are walking into May, we would like to take a moment to thank all of those who have given so much to protect this great country as we observe National Military Appreciation Month. In addition, here are some things we feel are important to look at this month.

Our Spring Update

James Mayer and Phil Anderson have some important information to share regarding the S&P 500, the leading companies in the stock market, and vaccinations in the U.S.

3 Things for February

Spring is right around the corner. And while that may bring rain, as I like to say, you don't have to shovel rain. So here are three things happening in February that we think are important.

Financial Strategy Action Plan

The financial strategy action plan (FSAP) is a detailed inventory of your current and complete financial situation. The full scope of the action plan often includes a review of life insurance, estate planning documents, real estate, business plans, and other important family matters.

January 2021 Market Recap

Given the recent political changes, we expect there to be a mixed reaction from a policy perspective as greater stimulus spending this year will likely be accompanied by increased regulation on businesses and somewhat higher tax rates within the next few years.

The Vaccine and the Market

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, the market has clearly taken notice of the news, with stocks around the world broadly higher since November 9th, when the effectiveness rate for the first vaccine became public.

Looking Back on 2020

We'd like to take a minute to share what we're grateful for as we head into the new year, including each and every client, the new skills we've learned, appreciation for our communities, and new ways of living.

Our Election Thoughts

Whether you were worried about higher taxes or more tariffs going into the election, you have a lot less reason to be concerned today, even with worse COVID-19 news in many States the week following the elections has been positive for most stocks and slightly negative for longer term bond prices.

September 2020 Market Recap

We think it is particularly important this year for investors to prepare themselves for some post-election volatility, especially if the results of the election are unclear for many days afterwards.

Women and Finance

No two investors are the same, no two women have perfectly aligned outlooks on financial matters, and no two men manage their wealth in identical ways. But there are interesting findings from recent research that are worth discussing with regard to women and investing.

Kids and Finance

Let's be honest, a lot of us were ill prepared for the financial responsibilities we had when we were young adults, and these mistakes can be costly. In our latest video installement, we discuss why it's so important to start educating kids about money early.

August 2020 Market Recap

Although in many ways this has been a very unusual year, the quick rebound in the stock market is consistent with one historical pattern.

Retirement Savings

Anytime you change employers, leave a job, retire, you have a big decision to make regarding the retirement balance in your former employer's qualified retirement plan.

July 2020 Market Recap

With the second quarter earnings season now underway, we are starting to get a much clearer picture of the economic damage created by COVID-19.

June 2020 Market Recap

In our opinion, the second-quarter rally of global stocks reflects investors trying to look through the current period of economic weakness and focusing on future growth, in this lower interest rate world.

Rebalancing Your Asset Allocation

The centerpiece of your investment plan is your asset allocation, the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash in your portfolio. The allocation you choose depends on your unique situation, taking into account your age, time horizon, goals, risk tolerance, and much more.