Hello, this is James Mayer from the Huffman Mayer Paulo Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. I love Saturdays in the summer. I usually play golf early. About 9:30, my wife will text message me. She'll have her grocery order. It's kind of like Amazon, except it's same-day delivery, and it's free. Usually, after the grocery store, I go pick up my daughter at gymnastics. Then we pick up lunch for the family. She'll usually convince me to go to Five Below, or Ulta, some other store. It turns out to be quite an adventure. After that, go home, unload the groceries, and whatever else my daughter convinced me to buy her, and we make plans for dinner. Sometimes, there's a movie or some other activity. You may ask, why am I talking to you about what I do on Saturday? Well, a number of our clients talk to us about how much money they're going to need when they retire. They often suggest they will need less than when they're working. The reason I'm telling you about my Saturday is because it's the most expensive day of the week. When I go to work, I usually have to buy lunch, maybe get gas, or somebody's kid is selling Girl Scout cookies. But on Saturday, I spend a ton of money. The reason why I'm telling you about my Saturday and how expensive they can become is because when you're retired, every day is a Saturday. At the Huffman Mayer Paulo Wealth Management Group, we help you cross the bridge from working to retirement.