Hello. This is James Mayer, Branch Manager from the Huffman Mayer Paolo Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. A good friend of mine jokes with me that I have the next five years of my life planned out to the mint. I'm a process person, a planner. It makes me sleep better knowing I have a map for tomorrow. The problem is no single day in our life is going to go exactly as planned and neither is the retirement plan that we build for our clients.

Sometimes our clients change their plans. Their priorities can change. Their passions and interests can change. Grandchildren being born can change where they want to live. And let's be honest. 65 years of Northeast Ohio Februaries can change where you want to spend your winters. Sometimes the economy can change their plans. Your job can change.

No single year in the market is going to be the same because there are always uncertainties. Our job is to guide our clients through the uncertainties of the world. We work to identify trends that occur in the market, but nobody is certain what the market or the world will look like in five to 10 years. We're going to be there with you through the changes in your life and the markets. We will help you adjust your plan to meet your goals. This is why the building of an investment financial plan is only a small part of our process. It's the starting point for all of our client relationships. The process of reaching and enjoying your retirement is going to be where a large percent of our time and energy is spent to make sure you stay on track, build a plan for your retirement, review it often, make changes when needed.