Hello, this is James Mayer, Branch Manager, from the Huffman Mayer Paolo Wealth Management group of Wells Fargo Advisors.

Have you ever thought of just spending cash on your daily items for a month?

Some people use multiple credit and debit cards every day and keep swiping until their cards get declined.

The truth is, some may never really know exactly how much money they are spending when using a card.

We do not actually see the money leave our hand, so we may think we still have plenty of money to spend in our bank account.

As an alternative to using a card, you could withdraw the amount of money you think you may need each month to help you realize how much money you are spending.

It could be more painful to see the money leave your wallet and the total amount in your wallet decline.

You could spend less money each month.

Having a good grasp on the money you spend each month could be the first step to being able to save for your future. This is one of many options available to help you budget.

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