How We Work Together

  • You will be treated with respect, honesty, and dignity
  • Our team members will act as your advisors, always putting your interests first
  • We will strive to acquire a complete and accurate understanding of your goals, your tolerance for investment risk, and your time frame
  • Your advisor will explain the implications of all proposed strategies
  • Depending on your preference, you will be updated by email, mail, and/or phone
  • Our team will meet with you to review your Financial Strategy Action Plan

What We Expect from You
Effective communication and mutual respect are essential to a successful relationship, so we expect your trust, complete disclosure, respect, honesty, sincerity and commitment. We also hope you'll understand that our recommendations are always based on your best interests. As our client, you need to know that all investment advice will be based on the information you provide to us, and so we hope you'll participate enthusiastically in the investment planning process.

Our Mutual Responsibilities
Our team believes that working together is essential to effective investment planning. To this end, we both need to make your investment strategies a priority. Therefore, we should mutually agree to keep each other informed of any new developments that might affect these strategies, and to take the time to review your Financial Strategy Action Plan. We will be honest and forthcoming about your financial situation, and we fully expect you to do the same. As long as we continue to work together honestly, our relationship will lead us toward developing mutual trust, respect and understanding.