Welcome to Integrous Financial Strategies! Thank you for visiting our site. We are a team of five investment professionals, whom have worked together since 1999. We are anchored by our Managing Partner, Steve Marchel, who has held a variety of senior trading and sales positions in our industry for over 30 years, as well as Tracy Santoro, Partner, CFA. We are independent advisors who are affiliated with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network. We have access to their full breadth of products and resources, and our clients’ accounts are custodied at Wells Fargo and enjoy SIPC protection to the full limits offered to all clients of Wells Fargo Advisors. We are objective advice providers who are not beholden to guide our clients to any particular manager, strategy, or vendor of product. We are our clients’ advocates, providing advice backed with the most appropriate product to solve each individual client’s particular set of challenges.

Our clients rely on us to help provide solutions to the often complex challenges they face on both sides of their balance sheets. We advise a select group of ultra-high-net-worth clients, family offices, institutions, businesses, and endowments. From providing hedging and monetizing strategies to facilitating aggressive Libor-based financing for a multi-million dollar life insurance policy, our team is dedicated to confidentially providing the highest quality of service and solutions.

Again, thank you for visiting our site; we hope you find it useful, different, and valuable. Please contact us with questions or other inquiries of interest. You can call us directly at (844) 790-3066, or click here⟶  to email Steve Marchel. We’re happy to help, and we look forward to speaking with you.