Focused on helping secure your financial future

The Investment Consulting Group is a team of highly experienced investment professionals who focus on proactively overseeing the comprehensive financial affairs of corporate executives, small business owners, and financially successful individuals.

Our Purpose

The Investment Consulting Group’s focus is helping those who are interested in getting from point A to point B where it involves their financial well-being.

We recognize there are common financial goals and there are unique financial goals. Our objective is to understand each of our client’s goals, plans, and expectations; provide a personal financial blueprint that will help map out getting from point A to point B; implement responsible investment management solutions for that client’s portfolio; and all along the way, building enduring client relationships that have such qualities like trust, respect, and confidence. Furthermore, we help direct other financial related services that are part of a complete, overall wealth plan. Please see our comprehensive services page for more information.

Our team of professionals adheres to the Golden Rule and takes care of clients in the same way we would like to be looked after if we were in the same position. This includes providing the highly personalized touch to each one of our client relationships.


We’re conveniently located at the address below. Give us a call or stop by our office during business hours to schedule a meeting to discuss your financial future. By getting to know you and your financial outlook, we can begin charting an investment path toward your goals.