Our Approach

Our team can help you develop a strategic asset allocation plan for your portfolio designed to minimize risk and maximize potential return. A properly allocated portfolio is more likely to participate in long-term market gains while reducing exposure to short-term market volatility.

A disciplined approach to Tactical Portfolio management

As investors with access to various financial markets, we do not attempt to predict the future direction of the market(s), but rather take what the market gives us and proactively manage our investment strategies using relative strength and technical analysis. Our relative strength analysis attempts to evaluate the supply and demand forces of an asset class and/or an individual stock.

A relative strength matrix allows us to rank a roster of asset classes and/or individual stocks from strongest to weakest, or, in other words, from those in demand to those in supply. Our focus is on those asset classes and/or individual stocks that are in demand, not in supply. The tactical portfolio management approach provides a disciplined framework to address changing market conditions.

Our Tactical Portfolio asset allocation strategies are an adaptive suite of risk management solutions for investors, each with the primary objective of pivoting between wealth accumulation strategies (i.e. offensive) and wealth preservation strategies (i.e. defensive) in a timely fashion.

Portfolio Risk Management

Our team’s portfolio risk management capability is critical to proper long-term investment planning. The reason is that various types of investments often react in very different ways to a given change in market conditions. Helping you manage the interplay of risk between various portfolio holdings and your resulting overall level of investment risk is one of the most important services we provide to our clients.

Our team can help construct a portfolio designed to provide maximum return potential for your personal risk tolerance. Different combinations of securities produce different levels of return, and the optimum balance represents the best of these securities combinations ─ those that produce the maximum expected return for a given level of risk.

We’ll also review your asset allocation on an ongoing basis to ensure you are maintaining the right balance between risk and reward for your age, market conditions, and “time horizon” for reaching your goals.