Wealth Management Process

At the Investment Consulting Group, we utilize a 4-step process that allows us to evaluate your personal, family and business goals so we can determine your appropriate level of security and risk tolerance.

Step 1. Discovery

We begin our planning process with a discovery meeting. We listen. And by listening, we learn the answers to the critical questions you may face about cash flow, cost of living per year and current savings. Equipped with this information, we begin to help you structure an approach designed to achieve your life goals.

Step 2. Analyzing Your Situation

Each family is unique. Saving for college, retirement goals, required income and personal situations will dictate a timeline and financial horizon. Most importantly, investing for retirement is very different from investing during retirement. Investment Consulting Group prepares an analysis and recommendations for all holdings that will impact your plan.

Step 3. The Plan

After in-depth analysis, we create a comprehensive plan designed to pave the way for you to succeed financially. Our attention to detail provides direction and discipline. We believe the ability to deliver innovative planning empowers you, supports goals and promotes mutual trust. Goals are prioritized and consideration is given to balancing ideal goals with potential outcomes.

Step 4. Delivering Your Plan

We meet with you to review recommendations that are designed to help enable you to live the life you are planning. All steps necessary to implement your plan are reviewed, and then final adjustments are made to the customized plan.