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Helping Government Contractor Owners - Optimize Their Financial World to help build an amazing life of significance….

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower once made a statement about the importance of planning – “Plans are worthless, but planning is essential”.

As a government contractor, you work hard. Your business is important to you, and you put in the hours and effort it takes to make it successful. And as a business owner, you have likely achieved some financial success. But you’re in business to do more than make money; you want to take care of your loved ones, contribute to your community, and maybe even make a difference in the world.

When business owners and executives first come to us, they’re experiencing a lack of clarity around their financial goals, the right succession plan, including selling their business - what is the right valuation needed to support their lifestyle throughout retirement, best time is to sell, and who would be the best fit as a new ownership structure.

Business Owners should ask themselves these three questions:
1. What should I consider now to ensure my business needs and personal planning needs are coordinated?
2. How should I incorporate my business goals and business operations into my personal plan?
3. Based on what other business owners are doing what should I potentially avoid or activate to achieve my goals?

But equally important - they’re often unclear of the true valuation of their business and often wonder if they are even capable of selling it for an optimal price and how much they will keep after paying the taxes, which reflects the hard work they’ve put into their business throughout the years.

Business owners generally have 3 options for selling their business, which include selling to a Financial Buyer / Private Equity, Strategic Buyer, or an ESOP

Meanwhile, they’ve spent the last 3-4 decades focusing on the things most important to them - primarily on building their businesses- and they haven’t had the time to focus on the proper business exit planning and personal investment planning designed to allow them to spend the next 30 plus years in retirement. Usually, this is because they aren’t sure of the right strategies that would work best for them, and they don’t have a wealth manager who can look at their personal situation, guide them through making the right decisions, and match them to the right professionals in each area of need for both their business and personal investment planning. As a result of the lack of planning, many government contractors end up paying too much in taxes when they sell, and the after-tax proceeds are less than they expect.

Because their personal wealth and business transition planning are highly interdependent, we address them simultaneously - this approach allows owners who have spent years building businesses that are meaningful to them to have the support needed in creating the financial freedom to continue to live a life of significance long after they sell- a life in which they can take great care of their loved ones, support the causes they care most about, and make a positive difference in the world.

Finding the right financial advisor for any business owner who is preparing to exit their government contractor business is important because unlike most people whose investments include retirement plans like 401k, IRAs and other investments, many business owners likely have the single largest asset on their balance sheet.

As a result, planning for your future naturally requires advance planning for the optimal situation of your business - the two are inextricably linked.

Through my experience working with a number of government contractor business owners and executives, my mission is to optimize every aspect of your financial world and help you make smart decisions for your unique situation and life so you can transition from your business with confidence that you can maintain financial independence and knowing your family will be well-cared for, and the satisfaction that you are contributing to the causes you care about.

To help you have an exceptional business owner transition and retirement, I utilize a cohesive team approach- a highly-customized process that goes much further than just taking care of your investments.

Personalized Approach - Through our thoughtful, client-centric discovery process, we gain a deep understanding of your values, unique needs, and goals, as well as every aspect of your financial world, so that we can develop personalized solutions that help you build an amazing life of significance.

Equally important - This framework will allow you to create and implement your optimal financial world that will help you live and dream rather than wondering and worrying in retirement.

There are 3 simple but powerful steps to this process:
1. The Human Element
2. A Cohesive Team
3. Systematic Processes

The human element:
To achieve optimal results, the process must provide solutions that are totally aligned with the agenda of each family it serves. In addition, it requires the professionals to deeply understand family members. They must know who they are and what is important to them, not only in regard to financial or legal issues, but also when it comes to values, beliefs, and aspirations.

A cohesive team:
Addressing a diverse set of financial, legal, administrative and lifestyle issues requires a team of specialists. To achieve the best possible outcomes, team members must work cooperatively and smoothly on behalf of the family clients.

Systematic processes:
Precision and consistency are critical for attaining superior results. A high-performing professional team coordinates all solutions while extracting synergies to produce optimal outcomes. Adept qualified professionals are key to making this happen.

This is the framework we take all of our clients through to help you make smart, well-thought-out financial decisions that give you the financial clarity and confidence to live what we call an amazing life of significance - a life in which you are able to take great care of your loved ones, support the causes you care about, and make a difference in the world.



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