Who I Serve

Business Owners and Senior Executives

I believe that often when government contractors who are approaching selling their business or retiring first come to me- whether business owners or senior executives within the firm- they have invested decades into building successful businesses they are passionate about, and they have not had the time or guidance in figuring out what financial decisions will best prepare them for an optimal transition out of their business and into retirement.

Many clients are often unclear of how much money they will need to spend up to 30 plus years in retirement, and they are uncertain if the money they have saved will both last throughout their lives and provide them with the financial independence to do the things that call to them. 

From my experience, government contractor owners and executives often have a high percentage of their net worth tied up in their company stock and they are unsure of how to monetize in the most tax-efficient manner so they can replace their income and have the ability to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement. 

But more importantly, they want to know if anything happens to them that their loved ones will be well-taken-care-of and that there is a solid plan in place to carry forward their legacy for future generations.

Business Owners

For the business owners specifically, they have often come to me experiencing a lack of clarity around both their personal and business goals, the right succession plan, and the numerous considerations around selling their business- such as what valuation is needed to support their lifestyle throughout retirement, when the best time is to sell, how to best preserve what is most important to them, i.e. retaining their employees and the culture they have built, and which buyer would be the optimal new fit to carry forward the mission of the business. 

If you find yourself facing the same challenges, I am glad you are here. 

Through my retirement planning framework- a customized wealth management approach- my mission is to optimize every aspect of your financial world and help you make the best decisions for your unique situation and life so you can transition from your business with confidence that you can maintain financial independence throughout retirement while also having the ability to live what I refer to as an amazing life of significance.