Utilizing the DSIP List with FGP

FLEXIBLE GROWTH PORTFOLIOS (FGP): Because the markets are constantly changing… FGP is FLEXIBLE and changes with them.  The stocks owned with FGP are from the DSIP List and are diversified over most, if not all, of the eleven sectors in the financial markets.  The companies have the potential for raising their dividends.  And each stock can be replaced with another because it may have been removed from the DSIP List… Or because it may be less attractive based upon either its PEER Rankings or Price Targets.

To accommodate the needs of various investors, FGP presently has four portfolio allocations with different levels of equity exposure.  The percentage invested in these stocks is based on the allocation selected.  The BALANCED Allocation is the most conservative with the least amount invested in stocks.  The MODERATE and GROWTH allocations have more invested in stocks and the AGGRESSIVE allocation is considered fully invested for investors who are less concerned with the volatility of their portfolio.    

For investors who don’t want to be fully invested in stocks, three of the allocations have a portion of the portfolio invested in Income-Oriented areas.  And each allocation has a relatively small position in Cash Alternatives.  So … each of the four portfolios is managed with a SYSTEMATIC…discipline, process and methodology. 

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