Our Process

First, a conversation

Simply put, this is just a conversation to get to know one another. We talk about our process, how we work with our clients and discuss your preferences and expectations to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Then, discovery

If we both decide to take the next step, we then look “beyond the numbers” and explore your goals, dreams, and specific financial priorities so that we start the planning process with your unique goals in mind. After we have established your goals, we gather the necessary details of your current financial situation, determine your risk tolerance, time horizon, etc. We then use all of this information to create your personalized plan using our Envision® planning software.

Next, review the plan

After we have completed your personalized Envision plan and specific planning recommendations we will meet to review the plan together. Here we will take the time to clearly explain what the Envision plan tells us about your progress toward meeting your goals and what further steps should be taken to help you meet your goals. If the plan makes sense to you and our philosophy and strategies are what you are looking for, we would then begin our formal working relationship.

Afterward, implement and update

Once your new accounts are established, we will begin to implement the plan we agreed upon. We will regularly review your Envision plan and strategies via phone, video conference or in person. Here we will discuss the progress towards meeting your goals, update any changes in your personal circumstances, market conditions, etc. and recommend changes to your strategy as necessary.