Our Practice

We at Thompson Wealth Management and Life Planning, Inc., are committed to helping businesses and personal investors pursue their long-term financial goals. By developing personal relationships with our clients we can provide advice and investments tailored to your goals and objectives. We advocate proactive client service including portfolio planning and reviews.Our investment professionals can help answer questions you may have about your financial future, such as:

For Individuals:

  • When will I be able to retire?
  • How much money will I need in order to retire?
  • How can I get the most out of my 401(k)?
  • What should I consider when thinking about a traditional or Roth IRA?
  • Is an IRA conversion appropriate for me?
  • What are some techniques that may help me position my investments for higher potential returns while reducing risk?
  • What are the potential effects of inflation on my investments?
  • Do I need disability income insurance?  Long-term care insurance?
  • What are some strategies that could help me transfer my wealth to my heirs?
  • What do I need to know about wills, trusts, and probate?
  • Can I afford to pay for college?
  • Am I on track to meet my goals?
  • What are some ways to help me save money and spend less?
For Businesses:

  • Which type of retirement plan is right for my business?
  • Which retirement plans may offer potential tax savings to both the employer and employee?
  • How does 408(b)2 affect me as a fiduciary?
  • How do I implement an organized and documented process for my plan?
  • How do I maximize plan benefits for participants?
  • How do I educate participants about the plan?
Traditional IRA distributions are taxed as ordinary income. Qualified Roth IRA distributions are not subject to state and local taxation in most states. Qualified Roth IRA distributions are also federally tax-free provided a Roth account has been open for at least five years and the owner has reached age 59 ½ or meet other requirements. Both may be subject to a 10% Federal tax penalty if distributions are taken prior to age 59 ½.
Thompson Wealth Management and Life Planning, Inc., and its financial advisors provide non-fiduciary services only. They do not provide investment advice [as defined under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 as amended (“ERISA”)], have any discretionary authority with respect to the plan, make any investment or other decisions on behalf of the plan, or otherwise take any action that would make them fiduciaries to the plan under ERISA.