At Juniper Wealth Advisors, we will:

  • Act as your fiduciary advisor, putting your interests first.
  • Give you honest and respectful input towards achieving your financial goals.
  • Provide guidance that is unbiased, objective, and transparent.
  • Actively listen and ask important questions for a full understanding of your existing resources, personal values, goals, and tolerance for investment risk.
  • Explain the potential benefits and risks of the strategies we propose.
  • Provide you with consistent communications that include a complete analysis of your portfolio, and confer regularly to discuss any necessary adjustments.
  • Bring the insights and experience of our entire team to bear to help you achieve your wealth management goals.
  • Provide you with prompt and exceptional service always.

Since 2008, Juniper Wealth Advisors has focused on serving individuals and families exclusively. We believe that sound investing and legacy planning starts with addressing the needs of the individual or family unit, and creating a plan that has an exponentially positive effect for the extended family, the community, and the larger world. The services we offer make this possible:

Values-Based Investment • Portfolio Management

Estate Planning Strategies Charitable Giving • Insurance

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