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A Study of Market Declines

Why staying the course may be prudent in the long run

When markets decline significantly, it can be unnerving. Although past performance icannot guarantee future results, history illustrates that staying the course may be prudent. Longer holding periods, historically, have led to better results.  Read More

Living Well Series - 2019

What's On Your Horizon - July 2019

Occasionally, life throws a surprise at us. A job lay-off. A divorce. An illness or injury. These occurrences can impact you financially. But you don’t have to navigate these situations alone. It’s important to plan for what you see ahead, but also for what you can’t anticipate. You want a financial strategy that encompasses unexpected events, as well as helping you achieve specific objectives. Read More

Financial Insights

Money: A Love Story

There are moments in your life when you realize money can indeed buy happiness. It’s the joy you feel when you get the unexpected bonus at work. Or the cash in your hand when you sell a car. Or the pleasure when a stock you took a risk on quickly doubles or triples in value. Read More