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Insights for 2021

**New - 5 Steps to Take After a Late-Life Split

Divorce is uncomfortable to discuss. However, not talking about its financial implications can create far greater discomfort. Read More

Running a Tight Remote Ship

How to create systems that can give you a sense of accomplishment, efficiency, and work-life balance in a remote working environment. Read More 

Resilience in Tough Times

Unpredictability is challenging. There is reassurance in steadiness, optimism when we see positive results ahead. But in most things-including life-nothing stays the same forever. It helps when we're prepared for bumps in the road. Read More

Retirement: A Purposeful Approach

Planning for retirement goes beyond how you’ll spend your time. You’re also probably thinking about maximizing social security, whether you’ll downsize, ways to stay mentally and physically fit, when to update your will, and how to weather market fluctuations. Read More

Doing What's Right For You

You have goals and expectations about your financial investments. You want a plan that helps you prepare – for anticipated benchmarks and also for unexpected life events. Read More

Financial Insights

**New - Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Policy, Politics & Portfolios

A new administration: First take on the first 100 days. Read More

Does The Market Have A Party Preference?

With the full results of the 2020 election finally in the books, investors may be worried about how the power shift in Washington could impact their investments. Read More 

Outlook 2021 - Wells Fargo Investment Institute - Forging a Path Forward

We anticipate uneven global growth in 2021, but strengthening over the course of the year if and when coronavirus vaccines are distributed. We expect China and the U.S. to remain on the leading edge of the global recovery throughout the year. We view global inflation’s projected rise through the end of next year more as catch-up from 2020’s pandemic-depressed rate than a fundamental change in the low-inflation environment of recent decades. Read More

Panic Selling and 7 Other Mistakes of 2020 

Financial professionals are on the front lines of behavioral finance. Years of helping clients navigate market highs and lows have given the professionals unique insight into how instinct can actually work against investors as they pursue long-term goals. Read More 

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: Five Ways the Pandemic Changes the Investment Landscape

Our 2020 Midyear Outlook report introduced five secular themes that we believe th COVID-19 pandemic created, accelerated, or permanently altered. Read More

Four steps of successful investing

Uncertainty is always part of investing. One key to success is how you deal with it. We recomment four steps for investors to prepare for what could be ahead. Read More

Wells Fargo Investment Institute: How can emotions influence investment decision-making?

Investors are not always rational; both cognitive and emotional biases influence our decision making. Read More