Our Philosophy

While recognizing that the success of our financial advice is important, we also believe that quality service is a requirement for maintaining quality client relationships.

Investment Advice

Katterhenry Investment Group is adamant about applying four basic beliefs to asset management:

  • Maintain appropriate, effective investments.
  • Be truly diverisified at all levels.
  • Stay committed to the timetable for each of your investment goals.
  • Be wise and proactive regarding taxes and inflation.


We view our role as “time managers.” One of our primary goals is to free our clients from the burden of the time consuming details of financial portfolio management. Our clients know that they need to make only one call to us about any issue involving their financial affairs and we will respond in a thoughtful and expedient manner.

Because clients are the best judge of an advisor’s worth, we feel our greatest recognition comes in the form of referrals we receive. In fact, we are grateful that our growth now comes almost exclusively from client referrals. Rather than spending time or money advertising, we invest in our existing client relationships. We are confident that our clients recommend us to their family, friends, and coworkers because we:

  • Listen to them - We learn what is important in their lives so that we may collaborate with them to turn their personal, financial, and charitable goals into reality.
  • Look out for their financial future – We provide investment options that build, protect, and sustain what they want for themselves and those they love.
  • Provide tailored solutions that evolve as life does - Our clients get unbiased, ongoing financial advice with no conflict of interest.
  • Are accessible - We spend time with our clients and connect with them , providing personalized service and keeping them informed every step of the way.
  • Build lifelong relationships - We help clients enjoy different stages of life, connect with the younger generations of their family, and work toward familial and/or philanthropic legacy.