Services Offered

  • Comprehensive and ongoing retirement planning with a focus on goals-based analysis
  • Professional investment portfolio management strategies
  • Incorporation of externally held investments into your overall strategy
  • Access to lending products and services through Wells Fargo affiliates
  • Asset protection and insurance review and analysis
    • Life insurance needs and existing policy review
    • Long term care insurance analysis
    • Business insurance strategies including key personnel policies
  • Tax efficient investing
    • Tax loss harvesting
    • Coordination with your CPA and other tax professionals
  • Trust and estate planning strategy
    • Corporate executor/trustee consultation
    • Beneficiary and account titling review
    • Coordination with your estate attorney for document creation and updates
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Guidance on Social Security, Medicare and other federal benefits
  • Life event planning and consultation, including the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, career changes, death of a family member, and entering retirement
  • Budgeting, spending and income management and assessment
  • Emergency fund and liquidity strategies
  • Business management, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning
  • Executive services, including stock option and restricted stock evaluation
  • Referral source for legal, accounting and other professional services
  • Access to a suite of technology tools, including online account access and smart phone apps for account overview
  • No cost, no pressure financial consultation for your friends and family, regardless of investible assets or complexity
Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state. Insurance products are available through non-bank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company and underwritten by non-affiliated Insurance Companies. Not available in all states.

The use of the CDFA® designation does not permit Wells Fargo Advisors or its Financial Advisors to provide legal advice, nor is it meant to imply that the firm or its associates are acting as experts in this field.

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