Our Process

Clarity • Structure • Confidence

Using our Wealth Management Process, our practice delivers a structured approach to developing and maintaining your investment plan. Our process allows us to help you stay on track with your goals, and help you reach them. With our Wealth Management Process, your plan information is kept organized, accessible and current, helping you make the most of potential financial opportunities while seeking to avoid unnecessary fees and taxes along the way. We keep you informed of results and comfortable with our progress through regular reviews. Ongoing periodic reviews helps ensure that your plan remains in alignment with your goals, and allows us to make minor adaptations as they change over time. With a structured plan and a process for maintaining it in place, you'll always know what's been done, what's coming next, and that we are taking care of it. 

Step 1. Quality

Not every advisor is a good fit for every client. At our first meeting, we will introduce you to our process and approach. We will get acquainted with you and your financial needs and decide if it makes sense for us to work together.

Step 2. Discover

In Step 2, we will engage in an intense and comprehensive discovery process to uncover all the details of your wealth situation, including strengths, risks, and opportunities. We will gain a complete understanding of exactly what you want your plan to accomplish. 

Step 3. Define

Now that we understand your current situation and goals, we will analyze what we have learned and define a clear investment strategy that focuses on your key issues and addresses potential problem areas.

Step 4. Implement

Once defined, we put your strategy to work for you. We will establish any necessary new accounts, initiate the account transfer process and provide online access instructions. We will also provide you with your own customized Laughton Wealth Advisory Group binder, which organizes important information and details about your specific plan.

Step 5. Grow

After the initial execution of your plan, we will continue to coordinate and oversee your investment portfolio and make sure it stays on track with your goals. Quarterly performance reports and periodic review meetings will keep us up to date with any changes in your life. We will keep you up to date with our progress on an ongoing basis.